Verizon released all new Fios Triple Play bundle pricing this week, but this special deal will not last long. Right now new customers looking to save BIG are eligible to pay only $69.99/mo – with free setup and installation – for Fios Triple Play 100/100 just by signing up online.


You are not alone if you have watched your internet bill continue to climb every month.  We are all being driven to search for more cost-effective home service options.

Verizon Fios has better terms and more attractive deals for new customers looking to make the switch from one of the bigger cable companies. Sign up now for new service or upgrade from a slow DSL line because this month’s new Fios deals are hard to pass up.

The deals below include Free Setup! Select No annual contract for standard month-to-month service, or choose a 2-year agreement to guarantee your low rate is locked in long-term.

Best Verizon Fios Triple Play Bundles
For new customers. Updated February 10, 2016.

Fios PLAN Triple Play Offer – New Customers Fios TV Fios Internet speed Promo Price (per month)
Fios Triple Play 100% Fiber optic 100 Mbps downloads/uploads + Phone + 30 HD channels. 155+ digital channels 100 / 100 Mbps $69.99 Check
Fios Triple Play Preferred HD 100% Fiber optic 100 Mbps downloads/uploads + Phone + 65 HD channels. 235+ digital channels 100 / 100 Mbps $89.99 Check

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The plans and prices highlighted in the chart above show you the current month-to-month deals offered for Fios service. No contract is required. All Fios deals have a discounted price guarantee. Your first year of service is guaranteed to be locked in for the special low price.

If you choose a 2-year term agreement, you are guaranteed that Verizon will not raise your rate for the entire 24-month term of the contract. This promotion is time sensitive so place your order now.


The 2-year agreement is the best value right now. You get a 2-year discounted price guarantee meaning you don’t have to worry about your bill climbing at any time during the agreement.

This promo bundle deal is an online exclusive. That means you will have pay a higher rate if you order Fios by phone.

Verizon offers these deals occasionally to boost online signups. They often throw in extra bonuses, too. Sign up online and whether you choose to commit to 2 years of service or you choose to sign up for month to month service, Verizon will still waive the setup fee as long as you complete your sign up online. Setup is normally an $80 charge.

TriplePlayBundle is partnered with Verizon to get unique promotional links that can save you hundreds of dollars on your broadband bill.

But like all good deals, these are time sensitive and will end soon. Do not wait and miss out on all these free bonuses from Verizon.

Fios Fiber Optics

Ever notice how most internet connections slow down at certain times? Especially when your neighbors are using the same internet provider during the same peak hours. Fortunately, this is not the case with Fios.

The bigger cable companies offer temporary “burst speeds” (which Comcast calls “Powerboost”). But Fios always has the capacity to provide a steady, blazing fast internet speed with superior quality HD picture. Fios is based on a 100% fiber-optic network wired directly into your home.

Cable companies sometimes use fiber optic technology. But then they have to split up the bandwidth between you and your neighbors, and then run a regular cable line connected to your home. I have tried both and the quality is not the same!

Fios Quantum Speeds

Verizon Fios offers consumers the fastest and most advanced reliable fiber technology available for home internet service. Plus, the new bundle deals for 2016 mean that amazing speed and quality are your best low cost option when you bundle your TV, Internet & Phone service. It’s a win win win! But only if you live in an area where Fios has been rolled out

Fios Availability

There are a lot of internet service providers out there. Sadly, Fios is only available in select areas of the country as they continue to grow their area coverage. If you live in an area that is covered by Fios, don’t hesitate to sign up for new service today. Pricing is lower than it has ever been, and Fios is easily one of the top ISPs in the US.

To find out if Fios is available where you live, click the link below and enter your service address. Sign up now and save BIG on your TV + Internet + Phone bundle!

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Author’s Note: Affiliate links are used on this page where appropriate. They were last updated according to the latest & greatest Fios promo deals on February 10, 2016.