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Looking to boost online Fios signups, Verizon tests new promotional pricing all the time. And they almost always run a special offer for bundled Fios Triple Play.

Right now new customers looking to save BIG pay just $79.99 per month for Verizon Triple Play with Gigabit speeds. No contract is required. But if you opt for the 2-year agreement with auto-pay, you also get 1 year of Amazon Prime and Amazon Echo (2nd Gen).

Sign up Online by clicking the link in the table below and get a $100 Gift Card! Limited time offer- must sign up and install by 12/31.

If you are locked in a contract with your current provider, Verizon will even pay your early termination fees (up to $500). Best of all, the Setup Fee (normally $99) is waived for all online orders!

Best Verizon Fios Triple Play Bundle Deals

New Customers / Online Signups Only

Fios PLANTriple Play Offer – New CustomersFios TVFios Internet speedPromo Price (per month)Availability
Fios Triple Play Fiber Optic Gigabit Connection. Fios TV. Fios Phone. Setup fee waiver ($99 value). 1 year of Amazon Prime. Amazon Echo (2nd Gen). $100 Amazon Gift Card. *BEST DEAL*190+ digital channels.940 / 880 Mbps$79.99CHECK
Fios Gigabit ConnectionFiber Optic Gigabit Connection. 3-year free router rental. Setup fee waiver ($99 value). 1 year of Amazon Prime. Amazon Echo (2nd Gen). $100 Amazon Gift Card.Not Included940 / 880 Mbps$79.99CHECK
Fios 100/100 Mbps InternetFiber Optic Gigabit Connection. Setup fee waiver ($99 value). $50 Amazon Gift Card.Not Included100 / 100 Mbps$39.99CHECK

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The deal in the chart above includes free Setup and a 2 year discounted price guarantee. Your first two years of service is guaranteed to be locked in for the special promo price. Simply select No annual contract for standard month-to-month service. Be aware that if you do not choose the term agreement, Verizon may raise your rate after 12 months.

The best thing about this deal, without question, is the Gigabit connection. Gigabit is easily the fastest speed Verizon has ever offered in a promo deal. This is a strong offer from Verizon, and it cannot be denied right now is the best time ever to sign up for bundled Triple Play.

Fios Online Deals

This promo bundle deal is a available for a limited time only. You may be asked to pay a higher rate if you order new service by phone. Strange but true. That’s because Verizon releases these deals occasionally to boost online signup numbers, and to test out how effectively they can add customers at different price points and with different bonus rewards.

What are these bonus rewards, you ask? When you sign up for an online deal, Verizon will often throw in more rewards to make their offer extra enticing. This month: Verizon will waive the setup fee! Setup is normally a charge of $99.

If you are looking to take advantage of even more bonus rewards, then consider the 2-year agreement.

Customers who sign up for this Triple Play and choose the 2-year agreement with auto-pay get four bonus rewards… Free Setup ($99 value), a 2nd Generation Amazon Echo, a 1 year membership to Amazon Prime, AND a $100 Amazon Gift Card if you sign up and install by 12/31. is partnered with Verizon to get unique promotional links that can literally save hundreds of dollars on your broadband bill. But like all good deals, this month’s specials are time sensitive and will soon expire. Do not hesitate miss out on all these freebies from Verizon.

New Fios Special Offers in December 2018

Looking for even more savings? Check out the following special limited time offers:

Fios plus Verizon Wireless Unlimited- If you sign up for a Fios Gigabit Triple Play and you already have Verizon Wireless Unlimited, you can get an exclusive $10 off both your Verizon Wireless and Fios services – for a savings of $20 a month every month you have both services! Act quickly because this offer will be valid for a limited time only.

$500 Early Termination Credit- Do you want to sign up for Fios but are already locked in a long term contract with your current provider? Verizon will reimburse you up to $500 to cover any early termination fees you may have to pay.

Verizon Competitive Pricing

You are not alone if you have watched your internet bill continue to climb every month.  We are all being driven to search for more cost-effective home service options. Look at this chart from the BLS if you do not believe me. The price of TVs, computers, phones, and cameras has gone down every year, but the average price of home broadband service has never been higher.

Verizon Fios has better terms and more attractive deals for new customers looking to make the switch from one of the other big cable companies. Sign up now for new service or upgrade from a slow DSL line because this month’s new Fios deal is too good to pass up!

Fios Fiber Optics

Ever notice how most internet connections slow down at certain times? Especially when your neighbors are using the same internet provider during the same peak hours. Fortunately, this is not the case with Fios.

The bigger cable companies offer temporary “burst speeds” (which Comcast calls “Powerboost”). But Fios always has the capacity to provide a steady, blazing fast internet speed with superior quality HD picture. Fios is based on a 100% fiber-optic network wired directly into your home.

Cable companies sometimes use fiber optic technology. But then they have to split up the bandwidth between you and your neighbors, and then run a regular cable line connected to your home. I have tried both and the quality is not the same. Fios is faster and more reliable!

Watch Video: Level Up your Online Gaming with a Fios Gigabit Connection

Fios Quantum Speeds

The internet speeds that you get with Verizon Triple Play are on another level from the competition. None of the big names in the industry are coming close to the 940 / 880 Mbps (download / upload) speeds you get from Fios. To put it into perspective AT&T (50 Mbps) is almost 20 times slower. Cox (300 Mbps with the most expensive package) is about three times slower.

Simply put, Verizon Fios offers consumers the fastest and most advanced reliable fiber technology available for home internet service. Plus, the new Fios bundles for 2018 mean that amazing speed and quality are your best low cost option when you bundle your TV, Internet & Phone service. It’s a win win win! But only if you live in an area where Fios has been rolled out

No Data Caps

Ever read the fine print before signing up for home broadband service? If so, you know that most ISPs have instituted annoying data caps or data throttling. Not so with Verizon Fios!

Download and stream to your heart’s content, without fear of your bill will going up or your internet speeds slowing down. That makes Fios perfect for those who stream Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

It’s also great news if you depend on your internet for work. Get the speed and dependability that you would expect from a dedicated line, at only the price that you would pay for (much slower) cable or DSL service.

Fios Triple Play Availability

There are a lot of internet service providers out there. Verizon Fios is only available in select areas of the country. And ever since the Frontier merger, that area is now confined to The East Coast. If you live in an area that is Fios ready, don’t hesitate to sign up for new service today.

Fios internet speeds are faster than ever. And speaking from personal experience Verizon is easily one of the best overall ISPs in the US. Believe me, I’ve tried a lot of broadband providers over the years.

To find out if Verizon Fios is available where you live, click the link below and enter your service address. Sign up and save BIG on bundled TV + Internet + Phone!

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