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Verizon’s latest bundle deals mean BIG savings for all new customers (read more on the $350 gift card bonus offer below). People are noticing their internet bill keep increasing which is driving many consumers to search for an more inexpensive option with better terms. If you’re looking to sign-up for a new service, switch over from any of the big cable companies or upgrade from an old DSL line, these new FiOS deals are hard to beat – especially considering it’s the fastest service available!

Right now Verizon FiOS provides the fastest and most advanced home fiber optic technology service available. The newest bundle deals this month are a better and less expensive optionVerizon-Fios-Triple-Play-June-2015 for your TV, Internet & Phone service – it’s truly a win-win-win! If you’re lucky enough to live in an area where FiOS has been installed, you’ll get the best combination of speed, price and service available.

Here’s a look at some of the current Verizon deals being offered for all new FiOS sign ups for July 2015:

FiOS PLAN New Customer Triple Play Offer FiOS TV FiOS Internet speed Promo Price (per month)
FiOS Triple Play 100% Fiber optic 25 Mbps downloads/25 Mbps uploads + over 30 in HD. 155+ digital channels 25 / 25 Mbps $79.99 check
FiOS 25 Mbps Preferred HD 100% Fiber optic 25 Mbps downloads/25 Mbps uploads + over 60 HD channels. 230+ digital channels 25 / 25 Mbps $89.99 check
FiOS 25 Mpbs Extreme HD 100% Fiber optic 25 Mbps downloads/25 Mbps uploads + over 80 HD channels. 305+ digital channels 25 / 25 Mbps $109.99 check
FiOS Quantum 50 Mbps + Extreme HD Blazing fast 100% fiber optic internet speed + over 80 HD channels. 305+ digital channels 50 / 50 Mbps $119.99 check
FiOS Quantum 75 Mbps + Extreme HD Super fast 100% fiber optic internet speed + over 80 HD channels. 305+ digital channels 75 / 75 Mbps $129.99 check

The plans and prices featured above are for the month-to-month FiOS plans which means no contract is required also including a discounted price guarantee for two years!

If you sign the 2-year agreement, Verizon offering the same 2-year discounted price guarantee PLUS they’ve also included a bonus $350 VISA gift card. This deal also offers free premium channels for 12 months including SHOWTIME®, Cinemax®, STARZ®, EPIX® and HBO®. These bonuses are offered for a limited time only so order now to get this amazing deal.

In addition, each bundle also gives you FiOS Digital Voice including free unlimited nationwide calling.

The chart pictured above shows you the best price available right now when you order through the links on this page (which are special promotional affiliate links). They’re the best offers right now and include the major discounts we mentioned that save you hundreds of dollars over the next two years. Verizon’s now also waiving the activation fee which usually costs $49.99, good for all new online orders.

FiOS Fiber Optics & Quantum Speeds

Cable providers offer temporary “burst” speeds (ex: what Comcast calls “Powerboost”), FiOS is different though because they deliver steady blazing fast internet speeds and superior quality HD picture because of their advanced ability to provide a 100% fiber-optic network directly wired to your home. Cable companies also use fiber optics but have to split up the connection power between your neighborhood and run a regular cable line to the homes. You’ve probably noticed your connection speed slowing down especially if a lot of your neighbors are using the internet at the same peak time but fortunately this isn’t the case with FiOS, especially FiOS Quantum.

What Verizon means by the term “Quantum” is anything starting with 50 Mbps downloads and matching 50 Mbps uploads. To give you an idea – with a 50/50 connection you can download (and upload) a 5 GB 2-hr. HD video in only 13.3 minutes. Especially at this price, it’s very rare to find any other provider that can currently match those kind of speeds in the consumer market.

Currently, Verizon’s offering FiOS Quantum Internet 50/50 Mbps plus your choice of HBO® or SHOWTIME® and FiOS Local TV starting at $50.00/month for one year or a $70/month for two years 2 with no contract. If you sign the two year agreement, you’re eligible for HBO AND Showtime plus FiOS Local TV. Both of these deals wave the activation fee (valued at $49.99) and guarantee the discounted price for 2 years but you must be a new online order.

Verizon FiOS has only been rolled out in select areas and this promotion is only being offered for a limited time. The links on this page are special affiliate links which are updated according to the latest promotions available as of July 2015.

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