Cox Triple Play Deal from January 2021 (NEW Limited Time Offers)

Cox Triple Play Deals

As one of the biggest internet, television, and phone providers in the United States, Cox Communications has a lot to offer anyone searching for bundled internet, TV & phone. Cox internet is among the overall best providers around. They deliver a strong amount of value for the price.

If it’s solid and stable reliability you’re looking for, you can get it with this provider. It’s not flashy, and it’s not equipped with sophisticated, high-end technology, but it will easily get the job done for most people’s purposes.

Best Cox Triple Play Bundle Deals – January 2021

Cox PackageTriple Play Offer – New CustomersTVInternet speed Price
Bronze Bundle with Voice PremierFree pro install + TV receiver rental140+ channels150 Mbps$109.99 mo
Silver Bundle with Voice PremierFree pro install + TV receiver rental + HBO, Cinemax, Starz & SHOWTIME170+ channels500 Mbps$129.99 mo
Silver Bundle with Gigablast and Voice PremierFree pro install + TV receiver rental + HBO, Cinemax, Starz & SHOWTIME170+ channels940 Mbps$149.99 mo
Gold Bundle with Voice PremierFree pro install + TV receiver rental + HBO, Cinemax, Starz & SHOWTIME, STARZ & EPIX250+ channels500 Mbps$149.99 mo
Platinum Bundle with Voice PremierFree pro install + TV receiver rental + Record 2 DVR Service + HBO, Cinemax, Starz & SHOWTIME, STARZ & EPIX 250+ channels940 Mbps$179.99 mo

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Who Can Sign Up for Cox Internet Service?

Let’s begin this review by covering Cox internet service overall coverage area. While it’s not as vast as companies such as Spectrum or Comcast, Cox internet service still spans quite a few states.

Specific states where Cox internet is heavily available include Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, California, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

It should be noted, however, that Cox Communications will not be available in every part of each of these states. Remote areas which are located far away from urban centers typically have trouble gaining adequate signal. People who live in these areas will have no choice but to opt for something else.

Cox Bundle Pricing

As far as pricing goes, Cox Communications offers fairly average-priced packages. It’s a good option for those who are seeking some bang for their buck.

The most simple Cox triple play bundle package is available for around $110 per month for 12 months ($109.99 mo). And the top shelf package is available for around $180.

Each and every package comes with a completely free installation, though you will need a router for internet service purposes. By bundling with Cox Communications, you stand to save a great deal of money compared to if you bought everything separately.

Can I Sign Up for Cox Internet Service Only?

Yes! In fact there are four great promotional deals available online for those looking to cut the cable cord. I’ve broken down the best Cox deals in the table below:

Best Cox Deals for Internet Service – January 2021

Cox OfferWhat You Get - New CustomersInternet SpeedPromotional PriceCheck Availability
Internet Starter 10Keep your bill as low as possible!10 Mbps$29.99CHECK
Internet Essential 50High Speed Internet 50 Mbps with No Contract!50 Mbps$39.99CHECK
Internet Preferred 100Most popular speed! Ideal for HD streaming, virtual learning, or working from home.150 Mbps$59.99CHECK
Internet Ultimate 500Perfect for online gamers! Save $25/mo. Originally $104.99/mo.500 Mbps$79.99CHECK
Cox GigablastUltra fast Gigabit speeds! Available in select markets940 Mbps$99.99CHECK

Cox Internet + TV + Phone Bundles

When it comes to Cox internet service, phone, and television bundles, there are three basic packages. These packages include the bronze bundle, the silver bundle, and the gold bundle. Get home internet, TV & home phone on one low monthly bill.

Each bundle carries its very own price and its very own features with the bronze package possessing the most basic features, and the gold package possessing the most advanced features. While there are other bundles provided, they are usually provided as limited-time promotional offers.

Cox Bronze Bundle

Cox bronze bundle

First, we’ll discuss the Cox Bronze Bundle. The most simple triple play bundle the company has to offer, it’s still very extensive, offering tons of channels, and providing Cox Communications cable internet download speeds which are more than fast enough to do just about anything.

TV Features

Cox cable television service is known as Contour TV. This service is fairly sophisticated in terms of technology, including a remote which allows for voice commands, and providing a bevy of television apps. These are features which you will not find with many other television service, specifically mid-level ones like this.

The Bronze Bundle itself provides 140 unique channels, some of which are local, and many of which are broadcasted nationally. Channels you can expect are ESPN, HGTV, and Comedy Central, to name just a few.

It should, however, be noted that you will not receive HBO, Cinemax, and various other movie channels with this bundle. You’ll have to upgrade in order to obtain those channels.

Most of the channels you receive will be in HD, meaning that you’ll be able to watch in the highest resolutions possible. For the money, this is an average and satisfactory television service.

Cox Internet Features

When it comes to Cox internet plans, the Bronze Bundle offers quite a bit of bang for its buck. While some providers do supply faster internet service for around the same price, many of these providers have very small coverage areas. For a provider with a fairly large coverage area, Cox offers very reasonably priced home broadband service.

The Bronze Bundle offers listed 100 Mbps download speeds and higher. While these speeds don’t typically actually move as fast as they’re advertised, they usually don’t all too far behind either.

With 10 Mbps upload speeds, this package will accommodate video and music streaming of all types. Even at 10 Mbps You shouldn’t have to deal with any lagging or inconsistency.

Phone Features

Essentially any landline phone plan you get with Cox will be about the same. Of course, there isn’t a lot of variation to worry about when it comes to a landline phone. They don’t use data like smartphones, and are limited to just placing and receiving calls.

The phone line you’ll obtain in the Bronze Package, Cox Voice Premier, includes unlimited nationwide calling as well as unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico. In essence, you’ll be free to call and receive calls from whomever you choose.

There are 14 call features provided with Cox phone services. These features include everything from voicemail, to call forwarding, call blocking, and more.

In summary, there’s nothing about Cox phone service which should disappoint you. It’s a standard, reliable phone service.

Cox Silver Bundle

Cox Silver Bundle costs around $20 per month for 12 months more than its Bronze Bundle, and for good reason. Not only does it pack much faster internet speeds, but also offers cherished movie channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime.

TV Package Features

Like the Bronze Bundle, the Silver Bundle makes use of Cox television service, Contour TV. This means that you’ll receive a voice activated remote as well as a number of useful television apps.

In terms of channels, you’ll receive around the same amount as you would with the Bronze Bundle. However, whereas the Bronze Bundle contains no movie channels, the Silver Bundle contains essentially all of them. As noted above, it comes with premium movie channels and Contour TV.

With HD compatibility, it enables you to watch in the highest definitions possible.

Cox Internet Features

When it comes to Cox internet features, the Silver Bundle absolutely wipes the floor with the Bronze Bundle. Whereas the Bronze Bundle only provides download speeds of around 100 Mbps download speed, the Silver provides a download speed of around 500 Mbps; 3 full times faster.

With 30 Mbps upload speeds, it allows for seamless streaming at all points regardless of how many devices you’re streaming on.

For most people, there’s really no reason to have Cox internet service service that’s any faster than this.

Phone Features

As was noted above, Cox offers essentially the same phone features regardless of what package you’re purchasing, Cox Voice Premier. So the phone is basically just a nice add-in to the Cox internet plans and television options.

Again, the phone service allows for unlimited calls nationwide as well as to Mexico and Canada.

Coming with 14 different call features, including voicemail, and call blocking, it does everything you’d ever need a landline phone to do.

Cox Gold Bundle

The Gold Bundle is available for just $20 more than the Silver Bundle, and differs from the Gold Bundle mostly in the number of television channels it provides. Cox cable internet plans and phone capabilities are basically identical to the ones provided by the Silver Bundle.

TV Package Features

As was noted above, the Gold Bundle far outpaces the Silver Bundle in terms of Cox Cable TV service. While it still makes use of Cox Contour TV service, it provides almost 100 channels more than you’ll get with the Silver or Bronze Bundles.

In all, it provides around 250 channels, including local, national, and movie channels. Premium channels included.

In essence, with the Gold Bundle, you’ll receive Cox Contour TV entire smorgasbord. Plus, you get it all in HD.

Cox Internet Features

When it comes to Cox internet, the Gold Bundle is essentially the same as the Silver Bundle; which is to say: fast.

This Cox internet moves at speeds of around 500 Mbps, 5x faster than the Bronze Bundle’s 100 Mbps download speed, accommodating consistent video and music streaming on a number of different devices at once. With this 150 Mbps package, you should never have to worry about lagging or crashes.

Possessing 30 Mbps upload speeds, it’s not the absolute fastest Cox internet on the market, but it shouldn’t give you any troubles.

Phone Features

The Gold Bundle’s phone features are the same as the Bronze and Silver Bundles. That is to say, this package comes with a land phone line which should supply you with everything you need.

Not only does it allow for unlimited calls nationwide as well as to Canada and Mexico, but it also offers 14 call features. Whether you’re looking for voicemail, call waiting, or call blocking, you’ll get it with the Gold Bundle.

How Does Cox Compare to Other Providers?

Compared to other triple play bundles on the market, Cox internet customers finish somewhere in the middle. In our opinion it doesn’t quite measure up to 100% fiber options such as Verizon Fios and EarthLink HyperLink, but stands up respectably against cable internet options such as Spectrum.

For the amount of channels you get with it, Cox has an average price. However, it should be noted that there are other bundles which offer more channels for a higher price. Of course, many of these bundles will not be offered in your area. Make sure to weigh all of the bundles against each other.

If you’re looking for something with phone, television, and internet, Cox Communications is a solid option. It will get the job done for the 99% of users, accommodating streaming with ease, and easily providing more than enough channels to get you by.

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