Verizon Fios Triple Play Gigabit – $79.99/mo + Free Setup

verizon fios triple play 2016

Looking to boost online Fios signups, Verizon tests out new promotional pricing every month. And they almost always run a special for bundled Fios Triple Play.

Right now new customers looking for BIG savings on FAST internet can pay just $79.99/mo for Verizon Fios Triple Play with Gigabit internet speeds. There is no annual contract required. But if you choose a 2-year agreement, you also get 1 year of free HBO plus 2 years of free multi-room DVR. FREE setup and installation for all online signups this month.

You are not alone if you have watched your internet bill continue to climb every month.  We are all being driven to search for more cost-effective home service options. Look at this chart from the BLS if you do not believe me. The price of TVs, computers, phones, and cameras has gone down every year, but the average price of home broadband service has never been higher.

Verizon Fios has better terms and more attractive deals for new customers looking to make the switch from one of the other big cable companies. Sign up now for new service or upgrade from a slow DSL line because this month’s new Fios deal is too good to pass up!

Best Verizon Fios Triple Play Deal in May 2017

New customers / Online signups only

Fios PLAN Triple Play Offer – New Customers Fios TV Fios Internet speed Promo Price (per month)
Fios Triple Play 100% Fiber optic “Gigabit” speeds download & upload. FREE Setup. 190+ digital channels. 940 / 880 Mbps $79.99 Check

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AT&T DIRECTV Triple Play deal: $89.99/mo + $50 VISA Reward Card

att riple play bundleIf you have followed the latest news in the world of home broadband, you already know that AT&T High Speed Internet is now partnered with DIRECTV. That means you can now sign up for bundled TV + Internet + Voice… And save big every month with this online exclusive bundle deal.

It’s called the AT&T DIRECTV BEST DEAL EVER Triple Play Bundle. New customers who sign up this month can enjoy special low pricing by clicking the link in the chart below. Combine special pricing with discounts offered for a 2-year subscription and you will easily save 40% (or more) each month on your bill.

If you choose to sign up for this highly-rated home broadband package… make sure to take advantage the current promotional deal! Why pay full price? Get all 3 essential services on one monthly bill, at one low discounted rate… Plus get access to all the best premium channels, for three months, at no extra cost.

In the chart below I broke down the terms of the best triple play deal that AT&T is running right now. Click the Check Availability button to visit the promo sign up page and find out if your home is eligible for new service. The deal specifics change every two-to-four weeks. Sign up now before this one expires because $50 in reward cards is a fantastic bonus.

Best AT&T DIRECTV Triple Play Bundle Deal

Updated May 8th, 2017

AT&T DIRECTV Triple Play Bundle TV Internet speed Promo Price (per month for 12 months)
AT&T TV + Internet + Digital Home Phone. Free setup, Free HD DVR, Free equipment fee up to 2 rooms. Free Premium channels for 3 months. $50 VISA Reward Card. 145+ channels 6 Mbps $89.99 View

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Charter Spectrum Triple Play Bundles – $89.97/mo Free Setup & DVR



Charter Spectrum Triple Play is advertising some competitive new deals in 2017. You can get High Speed Internet, HD TV with DVR, and Home Phone with unlimited nationwide calling. All for as little as $89.97 per month for the first year of service.

Charter is offering online deals to sweeten the pot for new customers who sign up online before the promotions expire.

There are a lot of companies that sell Internet + Phone + TV. What makes Charter stand out is that they will pay your early termination fees up to $500 if you’re switching over from another ISP.


Best Charter Spectrum Triple Play Bundles

Charter Spectrum PLAN Triple Play Offer – New Customers TV Internet speed Promo Price (First 12 months)
Triple Play Select 60 Mbps downloads/uploads + Phone + Free HD Plus DVR. 125+ channels 60 Mbps $89.97 Check
Triple Play Silver 60 Mbps downloads/uploads + Phone + Free HD Plus DVR + Premium Channels 175+ channels 60 Mbps $109.97 Check
Triple Play Gold 60 Mbps downloads/uploads + Phone + Free HD Plus DVR + Premium Channels 200+ channels 60 / 60 Mbps $129.97 Check

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Comcast XFINITY Triple Play Bundle – Get Your $400 Bonus Reward Card

comcast xfinity triple play 2016

It is a competitive market out there. Comcast XFINITY Triple Play is available at less expensive rates and with better package deals than we have ever seen before.

Comcast has improved and regrouped their high speed internet, TV, and phone into new packages which are now known as XFINITY Triple Play Bundles.  These packages offer great services at prices that are affordable and include decent channel lineups.  The XFINITY packages are on Comcast’s updated and upgraded network which is faster and more advanced than what you may have been used to with Comcast just a few years ago.

Choosing The Best XFINITY Bundle

While most of the other companies we cover have a few different triple play bundle deals to choose from, Comcast XFINITY is available in a huge number of different configurations. It can be a bit daunting to sort them all out. But we will do our best to break down the differences and find the best one for every type of customer.

That’s what we have attempted to do with the chart below. Here is a summary of the best XFINITY Triple Play deals available right now– note that these deals do change from time to time, and might even vary depending on your service area. That’s because companies like Comcast sometimes like to test out new offers in certain markets.

Some plans ask you to sign a 2-year agreement in order to get all of the bonus rewards. See the table below for a complete breakdown.

Comcast XFINITY Triple Play Bundles

Chart updated January 12, 2017. Plans occasionally vary based on your location.

XFINITY PLAN New Customer Triple Play Offer TV Internet speed Promo Price Regular Price
X1 Saver Triple Play TV, Internet & Voice. Unlimited talk/text. Unlimited Saver. Streampix®. X1 DVR Platform. 140+   digital channels 25 Mbps $89.99 $109.99
X1 Starter Triple Play HD TV, Internet & Voice. Unlimited talk/text. Streampix®. X1 DVR Platform. 140+   digital channels 100 Mbps $109.99 $119.99
X1 Starter Triple Play with Blast!® Pro HD TV, Internet & Voice. Unlimited talk/text. Streampix®. X1 DVR Platform. Blast Pro speeds for 12mo. 140+ digital channels 200 Mbps $119.99 $129.99
X1 Preferred Triple Play HD TV, Internet & Voice. Unlimited talk/text. Streampix®. X1 DVR Platform. Blast Pro speeds. NFL, NBA, MLB networks. STARZ. 220+ digital channels 200 Mbps $129.99 $149.99
X1 Premier Triple Play HD TV, Internet & Voice. Unlimited talk/text. Streampix®. X1 DVR Platform. Blast Pro speeds. 24/7 sports coverage. TMC, HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, STARZ. $400 Visa Prepaid Card 260+ digital channels 200 Mbps $149.99 $169.99
XFINITY 3300 Latino HD TV, Internet & Voice. Unlimited talk/text. Streampix®. X1 DVR Platform. Over 60 Spanish speaking channels: Telemundo, Univision Deportes, Unimas, and more. 190+ digital channels 100 Mbps $89.99 $109.99

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Frontier FiOS Triple Play Plans & Prices – $89.99/mo + Free Amazon Prime

frontier fios triple play

Signing up for Frontier FiOS Triple Play is a great way to take advantage of one of the nation’s fastest fiber-optic networks for a very reasonable price.

These days, with the growing popularity of streaming media, fast, reliable Internet service is essential. In fact, with a ton of new Ultra HD content scheduled to appear on Netflix in 2016, now is a great time to pull the trigger on a new high-speed-Internet contract.


What Is Frontier FiOS?

Available now in Oregon and Washington – and coming soon to California, Florida, and Texas – Frontier FiOS is perfect for those who want the fastest Internet connection, the clearest television picture, and the best home-phone quality. Delivered over an entire network of fiber-optic lines, Frontier FiOS services are more reliable and faster than those offered by standard cable providers. Frontier’s prices are extremely competitive. Most consumers will find that opting for one of their bundles over those offered by competing companies makes the most sense.


Frontier Bundles

Generally speaking, the FiOS bundles that Frontier offers are quite good. Of course, package specifics vary depending on location. Frontier FiOS packages typically consist of several packages with both TV and Internet, and a few with digital-voice service thrown in as well.

To give you a better idea on pricing, the Internet and TV bundle available to me costs $74.99 per month. It features upload and download speeds of 30 Mbps, and it comes with more than 225 digital channels. Another bundle comes with Internet, TV, and phone service, and costs $99.99 per month. It has the same number of digital channels, but the upload and download speeds are both faster at 50 Mbps.

If you’re not interested in TV service, you can bundle Internet and home-phone service together for a total of $77.98 per month. The upload and download speeds in this bundle are both 50 Mbps.

But considering everything, I say the plan highlighted in the chart below is the best deal right now for Frontier FiOS Triple Play.


Triple Play Plan Triple Play Offer – New Customers DISH TV FiOS Internet speed Price (per month)
Frontier FiOS Triple Play Fiber optic 30 Mbps downloads/uploads + Phone + DISH TV + Free Amazon Prime 225 digital channels 30 / 30 Mbps $89.99 Check

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