Comcast XFINITY Triple Play Bundle – Includes $100 VISA Prepaid Reward Card

comcast xfinity triple play 2016

It is a competitive market out there. Comcast XFINITY Triple Play is available at less expensive rates and with better package deals than we have ever seen before.

Comcast has improved and regrouped their high speed internet, TV, and phone into new packages which are now known as XFINITY Triple Play Bundles.  These packages offer great services at prices that are affordable and include decent channel lineups.  The XFINITY packages are on Comcast’s updated and upgraded network, which is faster and more advanced than what you may have been used to with Comcast just a few years ago.

Choosing The Best XFINITY Bundle

While most of the other companies we cover have a few different triple play bundle deals to choose from, Comcast XFINITY is available in a huge number of different configurations. It can be a bit daunting to sort them all out. But we will do our best to break down the differences and find the best one for every type of customer.

That’s what we have attempted to do with the chart below. Here is a summary of the best XFINITY Triple Play deals available right now. Note that these deals do change from time to time, and might even vary depending on your service area. That’s because companies like Comcast sometimes like to test out new offers in certain markets.

Some plans ask you to sign a 2-year agreement in order to get all of the bonus rewards. See the table below for a complete breakdown.

Comcast XFINITY Triple Play Bundles

Chart updated July 16th, 2019. Plans occasionally vary based on your location.

XFINITY PLAN New Customer Triple Play Offer TV Internet speed Promo Price
X1 Saver Triple Play TV, Internet & Voice. Unlimited talk/text. Unlimited Saver. Streampix®. X1 DVR Platform. 140+   digital channels 150 Mbps $89.99
X1 Starter Triple Play HD TV, Internet & Voice. Unlimited talk/text. Streampix®. X1 DVR Platform. 140+   digital channels 250 Mbps $119.99
X1 Preferred Triple Play HD TV, Internet & Voice. Unlimited talk/text. Streampix®. X1 DVR Platform. Blast Pro speeds. NFL, NBA, MLB networks. STARZ. 220+ digital channels 400 Mbps $139.99
X1 Premier Triple Play (Best Deal) HD TV, Internet & Voice. Unlimited talk/text. Streampix®. X1 DVR Platform. Blast Pro speeds. 24/7 sports coverage. TMC, HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, STARZ. $100 Visa Prepaid Card 260+ digital channels 400 Mbps $159.99
X1 Saver Latino Pack HD TV, Internet & Voice. Unlimited talk/text. Streampix®. X1 DVR Platform. Over 60 Spanish speaking channels: Telemundo, Univision Deportes, Unimas, and more. 200+ digital channels 150 Mbps $79.99

Check Comcast XFINITY Availability

The Promo prices on the above chart are priced for the first 24 months. With a 2-year agreement your price will be locked in… Plus you get all of the rewards listed.

Choose the X1 Premier Triple Play plan when you sign up online. You will get a bonus $100 VISA prepaid card.

Choose X1 Premier Triple Play and Save Big

Keep in mind when choosing your bundle that $100 cash back can effectively lower your price by a considerable amount. Think of it this way: If you sign up for the X1 Premier Triple Play bundle and get $100 back – then apply that reward towards your broadband bill – you are really paying only about $152 per month for the first year. That sound even better than $160.

If you want the most cost effective bundle, go with the X1 Saver Triple Play deal. You get all three essential services – Internet, TV & Phone – at a reasonable $79.99 per month.

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XFINITY Internet

Comcast gives you dependable fast speeds so everyone can get online and connect devices at the same time. When it comes to performance, Comcast consistently ranks among the best ISPs. For comparison, AT&T U-verse (another highly rated ISP) offers speeds from 6 Mbps to 24 Mbps. EarthLink’s HyperLink internet starts at 15 Mbps, and that is fast enough for most households… But with Comcast you get 100 – 200 Mbps speeds. That is seriously fast internet!

XFINITY Internet speeds are estimated based on information found on Broadband reports and by chatting with a live Comcast customer care rep online, based on an address queried in Southern California. Your actual prices, available plans and packages will depend on where you live and what Comcast offers in your specific area. Check with the Comcast XFINITY site to get the most recent current promos and most accurate prices.

Constant Guard

Constant Guard is Comcast’s online protection package.  You get a complete internet security package to ensure your data, passwords, and shopping details are safe and secure. You receive this $360 value for no additional cost.  It offers password protection, Norton Security Suite, IDENTITY GUARD, and more.

XFINITY Connect App

XFINITY Connect is your online source for all communications- voicemail, email, calendar and contacts.  You can access from anywhere and from any computer or from your mobile device with the INFINITY Connect app. The XFINITY Connect App is available for download right here.

XFINITY Digital Cable TV

If there is one service that XFINITY does better than any other provider, television is it. Even though we have said that Verizon Fios has our favorite triple play bundle over all, if we compare TV service alone Comcast comes out on top for number of channels and user satisfaction.

The exact number of channels you get will depend on your package. Plans range anywhere from 140+ channels all the way up to 260+ channels. Consult the chart above for a better idea, or visit the official page for a more detailed breakdown. XFINITY Digital Cable TV is normally a $29.99 per month charge, but of course it comes included with all triple play packages.

XFINITY Triple Play Voice

Comcast’s fully-featured home phone service. XFINITY Voice is normally a $19.99 per month service, but it comes included with the XFINITY Triple Play bundle. All plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text phone service.

To find out if Comcast XFINITY is available in your home, click the link below to be forwarded to Comcast’s official website. That’s where you enter your service address and select your plan.